Hello World: My Formal Introduction, Healthy Advertising and Millenials


My name is Pashun Ballard and I am a new contributor to Brandiose Marketing. I have 5-1/2 years of Marketing and Communications experience. I have worked in the television and radio industry for about 9 years prior to jumping on the marketing communication pool. I hope to give some expertise about social media campaigns, digital marketing, marketing communications branding and writing from a mid career level. I have worked in various different industries, so I have a generalist perspective.

I look forward to highlighting various marketing communications scenarios and case studies. Marketing affects various aspects of the real world. You can see the effects negative and positive of marketing, communications, and social media throughout our society.

How has health advertising and the upsurge in healthy eating affected fast food and soda sales? According to adage.com

“The amount of soda consumed declined 1.2% in 2012 — down to 1996 levels, with per capita consumption in the U.S. falling to 1987 levels. Still, the major brands increased pricing, leading to a 1.8% rise in retail sales. According to Beverage Digest, the category, which includes energy drinks is worth about $77 billion.

Soda consumption was steady throughout the 1990s, rising about 3% per year, before slowing in 1999. The category has been in decline since 2005.”

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